The Fasade Story

Fasade was born in 2018 with two goals:
Helping businesses and people 
avoid digital littering, so that data doesn't turn into the new plastic;
For society  to thrive in todays new Digital World.

Fasade co-founders - Pavel Stanek and Ankit Jagannath

We exist to support businesses as the world transitions into the Digital World

Power to the businesses

Our vision is to be the world leader in Digital Sustainability. We exist to support businesses as the world transitions into the Digital World.

Dispersed systems and avalanches of unstructured data are the new "plastic waste" which have the same economic and environmental impact. Our passionate team has developed a tool that allows people to control their Digital Presence & Waste.

The Fasade solution introduces a more effective way to control systems and data and an entirely new way how to reduce carbon emissions. With our solution, businesses and cloud users are able improve decision making and productivity, save time and money, mitigate cyber security risk and most importantly, reduce carbon footprint

"Block Quote

- Ankit Jagannath, Tech Co-founder at Fasade

"Data is the new plastic. The same way we now recycle plastic, we have start recycling our digital waste, avoid digital littering and put an end to hoarding of digital garbage. Our mission is to educate people on the reality of the Hidden Emissions Cloud, which is as real as the emissions planes or cars produce, and provide them with tools to ensure they can do something about it."

- Pavel Stanek, Business Co-founder at Fasade

Our story

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Our journey so far

October 2018
Pavel Stanek and Ankit Jagannath decided to work full-time on Fasade
December 2018
Fasade was incorporated by Pavel Stanek and Jagannath
July 2019
Our idea pivoted into low carbon emissions data management solution provider
February 2020
We were accepted into Australia's leading CleanTech accelerator, EnerbyLab
June 2020
Our startup was successfully assessed by the CEFC for the CleanTech mandate for Australia's commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement
August 2020
We received our first round of seed funding from Artesian Venture Partners
Our Values

The values that hold us true and to account

Show, don't just tell

Clear communication lies at the heart of all success. A picture is well and truly worth 1000 words.

Digital sustainability is human sustainability

As more of the world and more of our lives takes place online, we must continue our stewardship as caretakers of the planet for future generations.


We take full ownership of work we are given and take pride in presenting our solutions and improvements.

We are bold and ambitious

We experiment often to push the frontier of what is possible, and learn quickly in an ever-changing landscape.

Our Team

Our team
is building the future of
Digital Sustainability

Pavel Stanek

Business Co-founder

Ankit Jagannath

Tech Co-founder

Carolina Pinheiro

Marketing Strategist

Van Mahn Le

Back-end Developer

Van Mahn Le

Back-end Developer

Van Mahn Le

Back-end Developer

Van Mahn Le

Back-end Developer

Van Mahn Le

Back-end Developer

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Our latest news

A collection of articles, thoughts, and digital-sustainability tips from our crew here at Fasade

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