One source of truth for all your data in a single platform

With Fasade, you can easily connect to your services to monitor, clean and optimise all your data, extracting insightful information to supercharge your digital sustainability.

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There is no easy-to-use solution that helps SME businesses

Connect and scan cloud services

Organise and synthesise unstructured 'dark' data

Derive clarity and valuable insights

What makes Fasade different?

Create one
source of truth

Use our universal data search function with minimal configuration to locate all your data across cloud services. Centralise information about your data so that it can be consolidated and utilised more effectively.

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Clean & Structured data

Use our system for universal search across all your cloud services, minimise and re-organise its idle data stored across multiple cloud services.

· Universal search across cloud systems
· Eliminate & minimise unstructured data redundancy
· Detoxify unstructured data
· Gain control & visibility over your unstructured data
· Resource company data appropriately

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reporting & insights

After auditing and cleaning your dark data, create customisable reports and generate actionable insights.

· Real-time cloud systems & data monitoring
· Customisable reporting
· Intelligent anomaly detection & alerting
· Resource allocation insights & recommendations

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We provide with tools to manage your data more effectively

Optimised for Multi-Cloud

Cleaning unstructured 'dark' data allows you to reduce your data-related green house gas emissions, becoming more digitally sustainable.

Powerful Automation

Decisions can be informed and made in a timely manner, allowing you to maximise data utility, scaling your business.

Advanced Data Analytics

The less data you have, the fewer redundancies, lowering IT and data management costs while increasing the quality of your data.

Interested in seeing what Fasade can do for you?

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