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Our Story

While they both studied at UTS, Ankit and Pavel didn't meet until they were at Junior Achievement Australia. While working on projects, they realised that data-use inefficiency had a direct negative impact on energy efficiency, and that there was a potential for a business. While everyone was focusing on the supply side of energy efficiency and data consumption, no one was looking at solutions for the demand side.

So that's what they decided to tackle, and Fasade was born.

Our Journey

Our Values

Show - don't tell

Clear communication lies at the heart of all success. A picture is well and truly worth a thousand words.


As more of the world and our lives takes place online, we must act as stewards of the planet, and realize that digital sustainability is human sustainability.


We care about what we do, and take pride in presenting our solutions and improvements.


We experiment often to push the frontier of what is possible, and learn quickly in an ever-changing landscape.

Our Team

Pavel Stanek

Business Co-founder

Ankit Jagannath

Tech Co-founder

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A collection of articles, thoughts, and digital-sustainability tips from our crew here at Fasade

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