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How we do it

Fasade is a unified no-code metadata management platform that gives you everything you need to create and govern a single source of truth for data stored across all cloud services.  


We connect to your systems and integrate all the dispersed systems and unstructured data so that everything can be easily accessible and monitored through the Fasade platform.



After integration, the aggregated data is audited, so that duplicates and redundant data can be cleaned, and the remaining data optimised.

Actionable Insights

You are then given a customisable dashboard, allowing you to work with actionable insights, leading to:

· Reduction in carbon footprint
· Mitigated cybersecurity risk exposure
· Decreased IT expenditure
· Faster project delivery times
· Increased productivity


A better way to govern your data

Reduction of
Carbon footprint

Cleaning unstructured 'dark' data allows you to reduce your data-related green house gas emissions, becoming more digitally sustainable.

Built for
Scalable Growth

Decisions can be informed and made in a timely manner, allowing you to maximise data utility, scaling your business.

IT Expenditure

The less data you have, the fewer redundancies, lowering IT and data management costs while increasing the quality of your data.

Cyber Security

Cleaning your systems of redundant, trivial outdated data reduces the perimeter for cyber attacks, increasing your resilience.

Integrate with tools you already know and love.

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