The Solution

Fasade is a data management platform that helps you unify, audit, clean dispersed systems & avalanches of unstructured data and get actionable intelligence.

Every company has dispersed systems and unstructured data, leading to inefficiencies and vulnerabilities. At Fasade we offer a solution to the problem of digital waste and data management! With our web based platform you can aggregate data that's spread across various systems and servers and gather it to one location, where you can then structure and manage it.

How Fasade works



After you've gained access to our platform we connect to your systems and integrate all the dispersed systems and unstructured data so that they're accessible together through the Fasade platform.



After integration the aggregated data is audited, and a visual representation of the amount of dark data
is shown, as well as the proportion of data stored across different clouds. It uses metadata to find duplicates and redundant data, so that there's a more manageable stream of data left to structure.



With the integrations that Fasade offers - such as AWS, Airtable, and Trello - you can then derive information from the data, allowing you to work with actionable insights. You can also view your carbon footprint, cybersecurity risk exposure, IT expenditure, and look for ways to minimize them.



With less data to sift through, people will be able to make informed and timely decisions, which facilitates the quick delivery of projects and improves productivity.

Carbon Footprint

Reducing the amount of data stored across different servers leads to a decrease in the electricity that data centers consume, reducing the amount of GHG emissions!


Dark data is difficult to visualize but can contain sensitive information. Reducing the amount of data stored makes a business less vulnerable to cyber attacks.

IT Expenditure

The more efficient the flow of data throughout the business, the less that needs to be paid in IT costs.

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