Data may have significant negative impacts on your business. Learn why and how to deal with it.

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While data is incredibly valuable, it can be also extremely costly if not managed properly.
Fasade White Paper provides information on what the negative impacts of data on businesses are and how to deal with it.

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Negative impact of Dark Data & Solutions

With the exponential growth of data, businesses and individual are increasingly more reliant on the data they collect, process and store. However, research shows that around 90% organisations's data is dark and idle - i.e. duplicate, redundant, outdated and trivial. This poses on businesses many hidden and negative externalities that are very hard to measure and deal with.

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  • Why is 90% of organisation's data duplicate, redundant, outdated and trivial
  • How businesses that are reliant on data will increasingly struggle with struggle with their decision making
  • How data hoarding can lead to serious cyber security risks and concerns
  • How much it costs businesses to collect, process and store vast amounts of dark data
  • How it affects employees productivity as they struggle finding the right information
  • How digital waste and hoarding habits directly affect your organisation's carbon footprint
  • How Fasade mitigates negative impacts of dark data and data hoarding habits

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